Susan P. de Leon, VMD

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Dr. Susan de Leon is the owner of Old Court Animal Hospital. Raised in Towson, Dr. de Leon received her Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from Loyola College (Baltimore, MD), Masters Degree in Microbiology from St. John’s University (Queens, NY) where she received a teaching fellowship. She received her veterinary medicine degree from The University of Pennsylvania (Phila, PA) in 1996, where she was one of the Merck Fellowship recipients. Before purchasing OCAH, Dr. de Leon worked at 2 large, busy, successful vet practices. She recently worked for 8 years at Paradise Animal Hospital in Catonsville, MD and 4 years before at Main Street Veterinary Hospital in Reisterstown, MD.

Dr. de Leon is a member of the Maryland Veterinary Medical Association, American Veterinary Medical Association and American Animal Hospital Association.

Having worked in 2 large, busy practices I learned that a smaller setting where I can be more accessible to my clients and their pets is a better fit to my personality. When clients can feel comfortable and trust asking me the important medical questions about their pets then together we make good decisions to take care of these special members of their family.

Dr. de Leon enjoys gardening, spending time with family and has a special love for German Shepherds, and Oriental cats. Her current brood includes a sweet Shepherd mix named Jake and two Orientals named Sophia and Tibby.


Veterinary Technicians (Veterinary Nurses)


Arielle ArielleAndTheahas been with us since August 2015. She had previously worked as a veterinary technician at a large multi doctor practice. While here she has taken on more responsibility and has been fine tuning her technician skills, along with taking on receptionist duties. She has a deep connection and love for animals of all species. Arielle and her husband, Stefan, have three dogs, Ajax: a Labrador/Whippet mix, Thea: a Australian Cattle dog, Lindy: a Pomeranian/Chihuahua mix, and 2 birds. She hopes to continue providing the best care possible of OCAH patients, and furthering her knowledge of veterinary medicine.







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Veterinary Receptionist Job Description

Old Court Animal Hospital is a small, two-doctor practice that emphasizes great client relations. It is important that you be a compassionate and caring person, but it is not enough just to love animals and people. Enthusiasm, a positive attitude and a steady personality are all requirements for the job of Veterinary Receptionist at Old Court. If you are extremely moody and/or sensitive, this may not be the job for you. Clients may sometimes be short or even seemingly rude because they are so very concerned about their pets’ welfare. You will be dealing with clients a great deal of the time. Therefore, it is necessary that you have a thick skin, and not take cold or harsh words personally.

We prefer that you have some experience working with animals so that you can use that experience in our practice. After all, the reception/front desk area will be your domain. Not only will you have to deal with potentially irate, or even sorrowful clients, but you will have to deal with their pets who may bleed, vomit, urinate and defecate all over this domain of yours! As you can imagine, there is some cleaning involved, even though you are often sitting or standing at your desk. So if the sights and smells of sick animals bother you, once again, this may not be the right job.

Because we are so small and do not have a large staff, we need someone reliable, responsible and above all, organized, for you will be in charge of the medical charts, invoices and much of the other paperwork generated by the practice. Punctuality and consistency are therefore imperative.

Duties of the Veterinary Receptionist include, but are not limited to, oversight of the front desk, greeting clients and generally setting the tone for the practice; keeping appointments flowing in a smooth manner; making appointments for two (2) doctors and confirming those appointments; answering multiple phone lines; screening calls; educating clients; generating invoices and going over them with clients; cleaning the front reception area; making sure any “accidents” that the pets may have are cleaned up promptly; keeping track of files, i.e., filing, and knowing where to find files when they are not in the filing cabinet; and poop scooping in the small “doggy park” area in front of the clinic.

This position offers an excellent opportunity to learn. Because our practice is so small, you will often work very closely with the technicians and doctors. If you are willing, you may learn techniques from them (for example, holding pets or filling prescriptions) and get hands-on experience that you might not get in a larger practice. As mentioned above, we are a two-vet clinic. Each of our doctors has their own distinctive way of doing things, so you will be exposed to different styles of practicing medicine and different ways of dealing with problems, which in itself will expand your repertoire.

If you think the job of Veterinary Receptionist at Old Court Animal Hospital may be a good fit for you, please send me one paragraph setting out the qualities and attributes that you would bring to our practice, and how they would be of benefit to Old Court. Please send this by fax or email to, separate from the application. Attn: Practice Manager 410-486-6019.

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